in case I'd not banged on about it enough HERES MY ZINE !!

Un video pubblicato da Bethany Hall (@bethanymayhall) in data:

Witches be B****s

a zine by bethany hall

Written about the parallels between the portrayal of women as witches in history, and how women today are branded as witchy, or 'ugly' for doing things like not conforming to enforced beauty standards, or getting angry about women's issues. Instead, it seeks to embrace this 'Witchy' persona into something that empowers women.

We as women have a right to be loud, angry, hairy and will not be called 'crazy' for having emotional reactions others dont want to deal with. 

Drawing influence from The Three Witches or Weird Sisters in Shakespeare's Macbeth, the story comes in the form of a dream. The first comic style zine from Beth Hall.